Animation with real impact

We turn your story into a high-quality explanimation (explanatory + animation!) with professional voice-over and audio, tailored to your brand.

Quick, straightforward, and affordable. Interested?

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PitchParrot Animation Studios puts everything into motion

Animation literally sets your idea in motion. From the screens of your corporate organisation to the displays on the dance floor. We make animations with impact.

Animations that move customers to buy. Animations that move your ideas with ease, clarity, and a little sparkle. Animations that push your organisation to new heights. Animations that launch your pitch.

Animations that make you smile.


Do you want to dazzle your investors with your idea, product, or service? Do you find it difficult to convince them with just words alone? Our animations help you pitch with confidence.


Is your message not getting through to your customers? Do investors look at you like you’ve grown a second head? Do you need more clarity? Our animations make complicated matters easy to grasp.


Animations evoke emotions. Whether it’s that “Eureka!” feeling, a smirk, a laugh, or a tear. Animations get right to the heart of the matter.

Our 3-step process: Here's how it works

Script Icoon - Pitchparrot animaties

1. Script

Every explanimation starts with a script, this is the story that the voice actor has deliver. About 120-words of voice-over text translates to approximately one minute of animation. We’re ready to bring your words to life!

Illustratie icoon - Pitchparrot animaties

2. Style

We make animations in many different styles; from corporate to cartoon. When setting the style, we take many things into account, such as your script, your target audience, and your brand identity.

Voice over icoon - Pitchparrot animaties

3. Voice

We work with seasoned voice actors, some you may recognize from radio or TV. Based on your preferences, we make a selection from which you can choose the perfect voice for your animation. Multiple languages? No problem.

Pitch, Process or Product. Sit back and relax.

We know you’re busy, so once you’ve briefed us: sit back and relax! Leave the rest of the production details to us. All of our projects are produced in-house by our professional team of animators and illustrators. This is how we keep our production quality high with shorter lines of communication. It’s a philosophy with real results: many of our customers opt in for a long-term partnership!

By the way, did you know that we can deliver your animation in more than 20 languages?

Deadline - PitchParrot animaties

Fixed Pricing

Our animations are clear, and so is our pricing. We used fixed prices for all of our animation productions, so you’ll never be caught by surprise. Looking for a series of multiple animations? We’re happy to offer a package deal!

Fast Production

Postponed premieres are pitch poison. We feel right at home working with tight deadlines, and we will coordinate with you for a smooth and painless pitch delivery. No cold coffee or stale doughnuts!

High Quality

We squeeze out every last second of our production timeline into everything that will make your animation great; appealing illustrations, characters with real character, smooth animation, and immersive sound. Time and time again.

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